Committed To Making A Difference In The Lives Of Our Clients


“Hey my Pete! There’s NO WAY, I could have EVER EVER done this without your help! I love you and your firm SO MUCH!!! You are truly amazing! From my HEART I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Thank you for fighting for us!! I’m forever grateful!!!”

– Client, Kristy

“Pete, thanks again so much for all the time spent to put together the facts of our case. You all did a magnificent job. We have always held the highest regard and respect for you and your firm…and we are grateful once again to have money to secure our future even more. There is not a time that will pass when we will forget all you have done for us and the time your family sacrificed so that was possible.”

-Clients, Dwayne and Tina

“Pete, congratulations on being named to the top 100 Georgia Super Lawyers…It is an honor well deserved.”

-Judge, Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia

“Pete, Mark and I wanted to thank you and your great team for the great results over the past year for our clients.”

-Associating Counsel, Ray and Mark

“Dear Pete, I wanted to thank you, again for the wonderful job you did. We were so blessed to have you as our lawyer. I wish you could have known mom…she would have been so pleased with the way you stood for her…you are a great bunch of guys and make fantastic lawyers!”

-Past Client, Debbie

“Dear Pete, Congratulations on your recent $55,000,000.00 verdict! I am extremely proud of you and all your many significant verdicts over the last several years.”

-Fellow Attorney, Tom

“Pete, nice job, I hate to lose, but it was a pleasure watching you work in court.”

-Opposing Counsel after Trial, Craig

“Dear Pete, congratulations on another wonderful verdict…you have the gift, my friend.”

-Opposing Counsel and Fellow Colleague, Mike

“Dear Pete: I wanted to drop you a note to congratulate you on your series of seven figure (and sometimes eight figure) verdicts you have achieved at trial. Your string of successful verdicts absolutely amazes me. You make me proud to be a plaintiff’s lawyer and I am happy to be able to call you my friend.”

-Colleague and Fellow Attorney, R.A.L.

“Dear Pete: Thank you for your recent presentation at the Jury Trial CLE Seminar. I implemented some of your suggestions…which I believe are major factors in the excellent verdict obtained – $814,950.86. I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated and that your advice does not fall on deaf ears.”

-Fellow Colleague, Larry

“Dear Pete: Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on being selected as one of the top 100 lawyers in Georgia. I salute you on your professional achievements…”

-Local District Attorney, Gwendolyn

“Dear Pete: I came across the FCDR article from earlier this month touting your recent verdict in Fulton County. Victory is yours again. Congratulations. If you continue getting these large verdicts, especially against my partners, I’ll expect a Christmas ham next year.”

-Opposing Counsel and Friend, Barbara

“Dear Pete: Congratulations on your recent verdict…once again, you have obtained a great recovery on behalf of your client, and have raised the bar for plaintiff’s lawyers in this state.”

-Fellow Attorney, Andrew

“Having known Pete from both undergraduate and law school, I can confidently say that you would be well-served to follow his career. He already is clearly a notable plaintiff’s lawyer.”

-Fellow Colleague, Brandon

“Dear Pete: Congratulations on your outstanding trial victory…this is a tremendous result and I am sure your client is thrilled with the outcome.”

-Fellow Colleague, Steven

“The Pete Law touch – say no more…”

-Opposing Counsel, William

“Dear Pete: I wanted to drop you a short note thanking you for all the energy you have expended in welcoming me as a fellow member of the plaintiff’s bar…in fact, I think I can say I feel that I think I am a better lawyer- alas, a better person – simply by spending time with you.”

-New Injury Lawyer, Allen

“Dear Mr. Law, I look forward to having you back in my courtroom and watching you in action again.”

-Fulton County State Court Judge

“Dear Pete, Please accept my sincerest of thank yous for all that you have done for me regarding my case. I truly admire your skills as a brilliant attorney. You are the most talented that I have come in contact with. I truly feel that you have represented my case outstandingly. I feel blessed to have gotten to know you. You held a special place in my heart as a caring, personal and most charismatic individual.”

-Past Client, Rose

“Dear Peter: It is always such a pleasure to have competent lawyers trying a case.”

-Fulton County State Court Judge

“Dear Pete: I want to thank you for providing me the opportunity to work at Peter A. Law, P.C….you have been a great mentor and understanding boss. Thanks again for the amazing opportunity and experience.”

-Former Employee and Current Law Student

“Dear Pete: I am not sure if I ever had a chance to tell you what a great experience I had working for you and I appreciate all you did for me.”

-Former Employee and Practicing Dentist

“Dear Pete: Congratulations on the recent verdict…I am glad to see the victories continue. Presumably, those years in Moot Court are paying off!”

-Former Law School Friend, Jay

“Pete: Jeff and others tell me that you are slaying some big dragons. I am really glad but not surprised. You are a bona fide warrior.”

-Fulton County Superior Court Judge

“Dear Pete, Just a note to tell you great work on the above matters and on the personal injury business in general. You are on a roll. Congratulations to you and your staff. Keep at it.”

-Associating Counsel, Gene

“Dear Pete: I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the recent ICLE jury trial seminar. For a seminar on the eve of a major holiday weekend, those who attended were obviously there because of your appearance on the program.”

-Fellow Colleague, Adam

“I was very pleased to read the article in the Daily Report focused on legal phenoms, including yourself, on the rise in Georgia. Congratulations to you! Your achievements, diligently obtained and continuously sought, are most encouraging to individuals working in the legal field. I commend you on your hard work and wish you continued success in your future endeavors.”

-Supreme Court of Georgia Judge

“Pete, I have long thought of you as…a hard working, thoughtful, smart, presentable, humble trial lawyer who really tries cases and has developed a track record.”

-Fellow Trial Lawyer, James

“I always learn much when you speak at seminars. Thank you for your commitment to the trial bar.”

-Past President of Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

“You are a gentleman and it is a pleasure working with you.”

-Defense Counsel in a Wrongful Death Case

“Dude, you are unreal. The Tiger Woods of trial lawyers. Congrats.

-Fellow Colleague after a Recent Verdict, Ken

“Tell Pete y’all now have my record for worst loss. I am pretty beat up! You’re good and I enjoyed the fight.”

-Opposing Counsel after a $9,000,000.00 verdict

“Pete, you are a real gentleman for giving the rest of the team credit as well – that’s why we are all so thrilled for you and your clients when you succeed! Congratulations on another great victory.”

-Mediator and Fellow Attorney, Jim

“Both Pete Law and Mike Moran do it again! A jury in rural Chambers County, Alabama just returned a record jury verdict in favor of Pete’s client…”

-Fellow Colleague, Adam

“Congratulations on your great verdict. You are a great lawyer doing a magnificent job for those deserving clients fortunate enough to have you in their corner. I am very proud of you.”

-Local Trial Lawyer, Tommy

“Dear Pete: Great job and result! Your straight-forward, to the point style has proven to be extremely effective yet again. You are a real inspiration to the plaintiff’s trial bar.”

-Fellow Colleague, Andrew

“Dear Pete: Congratulations on your success at trial…you ethically represented your client with the utmost compassion and your genuineness was evident throughout the trial. Your connection with the jury (especially during closing) was stellar and felt by all. Thank you for making the educational process of observing so enjoyable.”

-Courtroom Observer and Lawyer, Erik

“Dear Pete, Congratulations on your recent verdict. I saw Gary in Hilton Head two weeks ago and told him you were the best lawyer in Georgia, and this is but the latest proof.”

-Fellow Colleague, Terry

“Congrats. You are hard to beat.”

-Opposing Counsel after Jury Verdict, Terry

“Dear Pete, Congratulations on your win. I am amazed at your talents. It was a very moving story to hear your client’s declarations of forgiveness.”

-Mediator and 35-Year Attorney

“Awesome job, Pete. You are truly inspirational to us all, young and old. Keep up the good work. All of the plaintiff’s bar could benefit, greatly, by watching you practice.”

-Fellow Attorney, Jodi

“Pete, congratulations on another sweet victory…all your guys’ hard work really paid off- please give my congratulations to Mike – a result to be so incredibly proud of benefiting your clients!”

-Fellow Attorney, Randy

“Congrats, guys. Based on the size of the verdict, Pete, I am making you buy me a beer other than Pabst Blue Ribbon, possibly something imported.”

-Opposing Counsel after a Multi-Million Dollar Jury Verdict, Chris

“Mr. Law, congratulations on y’all’s verdict. I wanted to thank you for the detailed explanation on things you said at trial and how you dealt with the adjuster’s last defense…getting insight like that from someone like you in invaluable.”

-New Injury Lawyer, John

“You are on the national stage dude. I honestly think you have reached the top one percent of trial lawyers in the nation. My hat is off to you!”

-Fellow Trial Lawyer, Joe

“Pete, Your usual great job. I always get something from what you have to say.”

-Fellow Top Trial lawyer

“Mr. Law, I wanted to take a second to introduce myself. I have heard many great things about you from my father [top defense counsel], and my former employer [top plaintiff’s lawyer]…my father has told me that you instill fear in insurance companies and defense attorneys. I hope that one day the same is said about me. Congratulations on all your success.”

-Young Lawyer, Brian

“Pete, what really separates the great folks in the field are the ones who actually change the game. You have done that. I am proud to know you.”

-Former Georgia Trial Lawyers Association President

“Pete – nicely done…your results, and obvious fearlessness, are inspirational and lacking in 95 percent of the bar…continue to keep your head on straight.”

-Fellow Trial Lawyer from Macon

“Pete: Congratulations…you did a really fine job. I have already had people from high school call me about ‘that Atlanta lawyer’ coming down there and trying that ‘poor little old lady’s case.’”

-Alabama trial Lawyer after Recent Verdict

“Dear Mr. Law: I wanted to congratulate you on your verdict…this is a road map for how lawyers should conduct trial. You clearly sent a message to companies like your defendant. In addition, you sent a message to young lawyers like me about what really wins lawsuits.”

-Young Trial Lawyer, Jay

“Dear Pete: I was present at your CLE presentation today on closing arguments…your talk motivated me more than any other I heard. It is so inspiring for a 32-year-old associate like me to see a 38-year-old lawyer like you living the dream to which I aspire…I mean the dream of having the freedom to represent clients with the passion and advocacy which they deserve and of being able to follow one’s intuition and capitalize on one’s personal strengths during the course of that representation, rather than being compelled to follow a cookie cutter approach to trial. Two points you made to me meant more to me than anything else…the first was the benefit of courtesy to everyone, even adversaries, and the rejection of falsely perceived necessities to demonstrate anger towards witnesses or defense counsel…I applaud your obvious passion for justice for your clients.”

-Southeastern Trial lawyer, Lee

“Pete, I know you are busy…you are too kind and from what I hear you are to everyone.”

-Opposing Defense Counsel

“Mr. Law has done it again…Pete was so impressive at trial that the [opposing parties’] claims adjuster congratulated him and gave him a hug after the verdict.”

-Courtroom Observer and Local Criminal Defense Lawyer

“Man…I like those guys. They’re great!”

-Local City of Atlanta Police Officer, R.S.

“Dear Peter, I just want to drop you a note to wish you congratulations on your outstanding win on behalf of your client! It is so great to see classmates making a difference in the lives of victims. Hopefully, the compensation will assist your client in her lifetime of recovery.”

-Former Law School Classmate, S.G.

“Pete, just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff. On one hand it was very unfortunate that we came to know each other under such circumstances, however, it was very fortunate for me that your law firm came into my life at a time I needed you most. I shall ever be grateful for all the hard work and time spent on my behalf. Thank you most of all for not giving up and sticking in there for me. I pray the best for you and your team. If I need someone to fight for me, I’d love to have you in my corner.”

-Former Client, Sabrina

“Dear Pete…you truly fought the battle. After the trial in this matter, I spoke with Jerry, Barbara and David, and I can tell you that everyone is exceptionally pleased with your knowledge and trial ability.”

-Out-of-State Associating Counsel after Jury Verdict, Richard

“Dear Pete: Thank you again for your superb presentation at the Georgia Personal Injury Seminar…the quality of your presentation, and the interest at stimulating the attendees, was among the best I have ever seen. My daddy always told me to surround myself with people who were smarter than me. I am glad I followed his advice by inviting you to speak.”

-Fellow Trial Lawyer, Kenneth

“I think it’s that darn Pete Law who skews the verdict numbers and gets my clients’ expectations unrealistically high.”

-Fellow Trial Lawyer, Rick

“Dear Pete, I sincerely appreciate our relationship with your firm. I must say that the time spent working with you and Mike throughout the Reese trial was undoubtedly the most rewarding, enjoyable experience that I have ever had in my legal career. It was a real pleasure both getting to know you and learning from you during trial, and I look forward to working together in years to some.”

-Fellow Trial Lawyer and Co-Counsel in Many Cases, D.B.

“Dear Pete, I read the article in last Thursday’s Atlanta Constitution…while this is a tragic [case], I wanted to commend you on the result. You made sure that her children got justice in the courtroom as a result of Ford’s negligence. Thank you for your efforts to strengthen the civil justice system so that deserving individuals can get justice and wrong doers are held accountable.”

-Washington D.C. Executive, J.H.

“Pete, you and the team make us proud to be trial lawyers! I am excited for you and the others and know that your clients must feel some sense of justice has been done.”

-Fellow trial Lawyer, D.S.

“I wanted to congratulate Pete and Mike on this outstanding result. But I also want to congratulate them even more for their courage in taking this case to verdict in the face of a $4,000,000.00 offer…the compensatory component was determined to be over $10,000,000.00…this is what being a trial lawyer is all about and I give my resounding congratulations to Pete Law and his team!”

“Congrats to Pete and Mike. Not only do they routinely take wrong doers to the woodshed, but they do it with class and decency. Pete and Mike show, over and over, that you can be fair to your opponent, be a gentleman and still win decisively for your clients.”

-Fellow Trial Lawyer, J.C.

“There is not enough words to express our thanks to you and your law firm, but thank you for sticking with our case and believing that we could win.”

-Former Client

“Pete, I just wanted to thank you for your time you put into my case. You always put my mind at ease and I love to watch you work.”

-Former Client, Leigh Ann

“Pete, Thank you for representing me and my husband. I know that your time is very important so it means a lot that you both have made some for me. I appreciate your compassion, respect for myself and my family.”

-Former Client, Kendra

“To Pete, Thanks for a job well done! You are a star.”

-Former Client, Gerald

“Dear Pete…Thank you for everything you did for my grandfather’s case. You guys are very professional and talented, but you both treated the family with a great deal of respect. Thanks for everything.”

-Former Client, Ben

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to the best team [Dad] could have had to represent him.”

-Former client after successful jury trial

“Dear Pete, this note is to thank you for your legal skills, your passionate advocacy and your persistent work. On behalf of our family and our daughter, I want you to know how grateful we are to you.”

-Former client, S.B.