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Hotel And Apartment Liability Lawyers

Law & Moran has had extensive experience and success handling negligent security and premises liability matters at hotels, motels and apartment complexes throughout Georgia. Hotels and apartment complexes tend to be places where people congregate and they are often open to the public. Therefore, property owners usually have an obligation to provide a safe environment.

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Skilled Hotel And Apartment Liability Attorneys

Hotels and apartment complexes usually have an obligation to maintain property in a safe condition, to protect their employees, patrons, and renters from injury. Common injuries include elevator accidents, swimming pool accidents, burglary, robbery, parking lot rape, sexual assaults and murder that result from inadequate or negligent security.

Our attorneys have won numerous jury verdicts in premises liability cases including cases involving negligent security. Often injuries occur in apartments and hotels due to inadequate lighting, broken window locks, malfunctioning door locks, or insufficient security in high crime areas or due to poorly trained security personnel.

Respected Negligent Security Lawyer

Pete Law built his reputation handling hotel liability and landlord liability cases. He has successfully handled jury trials as well as out-of-court settlements for clients injured as a result of negligent security or inadequately maintained property. Due to our distinguished reputation, we receive numerous referrals from other attorneys related to hotel, motel and apartment complex liability cases.