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Law & Moran, Attorneys At Law

#1 Trial Attorney in GA

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Law & Moran is a firm you can trust when your future seems uncertain. Over the years, our attorneys have obtained many significant verdicts and settlements while earning the respect of our clients and colleagues.

#1 Trial Attorney in GA

One Of Georgia’s Most Respected Personal Injury Law Firms

Significant Case Results at Law & Moran

$81,000,000.00 – Premises Liability

$72,960,000.00 – Premises Liability

$7,000,000.00 – Premises Liability

$7,000,000.00 – General Negligence

$54,420,000.00 – Tractor Trailer Negligence

$45,000,000.00 – Premises Liability

$3,725,000.00- Automobile

$2,750,000.00 – Commercial Vehicle Negligence

$2,375,000.00 – Commercial Vehicle Negligence

$21,600,000.00 – Tractor Trailer Negligence

$20,000,000.00 – Tractor Trailer Negligence

$18,866,292.44 – Fire/General Negligence

$17,000,000.00 – Premises Liability

$17,000,000.00 – Premises Liability

$15,750,000.00 – Automobile Wreck

$15,100,000.00 – Auto/Product Liability

$1,500,000.00 – Premises Liability

$15,000,000.00 – Commercial Vehicle Negligence

$15,000,000.00 – Construction Accident

$15,000,000.00 – Premises Liability

$1,400,000.00 – Automobile Negligence

$12,050,000.00 – Premises Liability

$1,200,000.00 – Automobile Negligence

$12,000,000.00 – Bus Negligence

$12,000,000.00 – Tractor Trailer Negligence

$11,000,000.00 – Premises Liability

$11,000,000.00 – Boating Negligence

Over 200 Client Testimonials

“Pete, thanks again so much for all the time spent to put together the facts of our case.”

– Clients, Dwayne and Tina

“Pete, thanks again so much for all the time spent to put together the facts of our case.”

– Clients, Dwayne and Tina

“Pete, congratulations on being named to the top 100 Georgia Super Lawyers…It is an honor well deserved”

– Judge, Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia

“Pete, Mark and I wanted to thank you and your great team for the great results over the past year for our clients.”

– Associating Counsel, Ray and Mark

“Dear Pete, I wanted to thank you, again for the wonderful job you did. We were so blessed to have you as our lawyer”

– Past Client, Debbie

“Dear Pete, Congratulations on your recent $55,000,000.00 verdict! I am extremely proud of you and all ”

-Fellow Attorney, Tom

“Pete, nice job, I hate to lose, but it was a pleasure watching you work in court.”

-Opposing Counsel after Trial, Craig

Recent Happenings at Law & Moran

Pete was again voted the #1 ranked lawyer for all lawyers in the state of Georgia for 2021 by the Super Lawyers independent ranking program;

Pete was selected as Courtroom View Network’s (CVN) top Georgia Plaintiff’s Attorney for 2019-2020;

The firm settled the recent $81,000,000 12-person jury verdict in Dekalb County for a confidential amount, to the mutual satisfaction of the parties;

The firm’s recent $45,000,000 12-person jury verdict in Fulton County against CVS in a premises liability case was affirmed by the Georgia Court of Appeals;

The firm’s recent $21,600,000 12-person jury verdict in Whitfield County in a disputed tractor-trailer case was affirmed by the Georgia Court of Appeals;

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Wrongful Death
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Hurt On A

We Believe In Integrity

At the law firm of Law & Moran, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients. As a personal injury firm, we work diligently to help people who have been injured by the negligence and wrongdoing of others.

If You Have Suffered A Serious Injury, We Can Help

Our Atlanta injury lawyers handle a wide range of personal injury claims, including:

  • Auto accidents, involving cars, trucks, motorcycles and commercial vehicles
  • Recreational and passenger injuries suffered in boating, aviation or MARTA accidents
  • Premises liability claims such as slip-and-fall accidents or hotel injuries (fire/assault/other)
  • Defective and dangerous products
  • Other negligence-based claims such as construction accidents or shooting deaths and injuries

At Law & Moran, we take a limited number of cases. Our practice is focused on serious injury and wrongful death claims. By giving each case our close attention and focus, we are able to actively pursue the full compensation our clients need and deserve.

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Appreciated By Judges

“Dear Mr. Law, I look forward to having you back in my courtroom and watching you in action again.”

-Fulton County State Court Judge

Appreciated By Clients

“Dear Pete, Please accept my sincerest of thank yous for all that you have done for me regarding my case. I truly admire your skills as a brilliant attorney. You are the most talented that I have come in contact with. I truly feel that you have represented my case outstandingly. I feel blessed to have gotten to know you. You held a special place in my heart as a caring, personal and most charismatic individual.”

-Past Client, Rose

Respected By Opposing Counsel

“Tell Pete y’all now have my record for worst loss. I am pretty beat up! You’re good and I enjoyed the fight.”

-Opposing Counsel after a $9,000,000.00 verdict

Admired By Other Legal Colleagues

“Congratulations on your great verdict. You are a great lawyer doing a magnificent job for those deserving clients fortunate enough to have you in their corner. I am very proud of you.”

-Local Trial Lawyer, Tommy


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