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When A Passenger Is Injured In An Auto Accident

Injured passengers have many rights under Georgia personal injury law. Passengers are not at fault for their car accident injuries unless they chose to ride with a drunk driver. Therefore, injured passengers are usually entitled to a full financial recovery.

While a passenger “can do no wrong,” it is still a good idea to have an Atlanta car accident passenger injury attorney on your side. Insurance companies tend to low-ball claims; their first offer to you is not their best offer. They may also try to prevent you from recovering noneconomic damages, such as your pain and suffering. Furthermore, you may have to deal with more than one insurance company to recover the compensation you need to move forward.

The personal injury lawyers at Law & Moran have been recognized for their ability to turn a low-ball settlement into a substantial settlement or verdict. We have recovered more than $100,000,000 worth of jury verdicts and even more out-of-court settlements. However, our law firm doesn’t measure success only on the numbers. We feel we have succeeded when our clients tell us that they were “blessed to have [us] as [their] lawyers,” and our opposing counsel recommends us to their friends and families, which happens frequently.

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Who Is Liable For Your Injury?

Passenger injury cases present complicated insurance issues. There may be multiple policies involved. A driver’s auto insurance may cover its’ passengers. However, the auto insurance of another at-fault driver may also come into play. Your own uninsured motorist coverage is also very important.

With years of experience practicing complex personal injury law, we have a comprehensive understanding of insurance matters. We will thoroughly investigate your claim to determine who is liable for your serious injuries and pursue compensation against the appropriate parties.

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