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Atlanta Commercial Vehicle Accidents Lawyer

The lawyers at Law & Moran have extensive experience handling commercial vehicle accidents for clients throughout the state of Georgia, including Fulton, Dekalb, Cobb and Gwinnett counties. Commercial vehicle accident litigation is fundamentally different from typical auto accident or motorcycle accident litigation; injuries are typically more severe and commercial vehicles are subject to a host of state and federal laws and regulations to protect the safety of other drivers.

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Skilled Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

The term Commercial Vehicle applies to any motor vehicle operated for a commercial purpose including landscaping vehicles, package delivery vehicles, moving trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and corporate-owned automobiles. As with 18-wheeler trucking accidents, company insurance representatives and lawyers are often at the scene of a commercial vehicle accident immediately working to limit their liability.

Our attorneys have a reputation for aggressively representing our clients’ interests. Whether our client was involved in a bus accident, cement truck accident or garbage truck, tractor-trailer or any commercial accident, our lawyers go to the scene of the accident and gather any evidence to build our case.

Experienced Georgia Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Through preparation and a detailed understanding of the state and federal regulations that govern commercial vehicles, we are able to achieve quality results at trial as well as uncommon settlement offers. Due to our reputation for success in obtaining quality jury verdicts and settlements in cases involving commercial vehicle crashes, other attorneys often refer cases to us.