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Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys For Severe Eye Injuries

Your eyes are important. When you suffer a serious eye injury in an accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence, it is nothing short of tragic. AtLaw & Moran, Attorneys at Law in Atlanta, our team of personal injury attorneys has decades of combined experience representing clients who are suffering from catastrophic injuries.

Eye Injuries Range In Degree And Severity

As a sensitive part of your body, your eyes can easily be at risk if you are in an accident. There are many different types of eye injuries, that range in degree and severity. These include:

  • Scratches, bleeding and cornea damage
  • Retina damage and detachment
  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Chemical burns
  • Penetration

Our experienced lawyers have handled all sorts of serious and catastrophic eye injuries, including occipital nerve injuries, retinal injuries, monocular vision problems, and injuries resulting from a facial nerve injury, tissue injury or even brain damage. Eye injuries can impact eyesight and result in a partial or total loss of vision. If you have suffered a serious eye injury from an accident, our personal injury attorneys will investigate the details of your accident to identify any responsible or negligent parties.

Accidents That Lead To Serious Eye Injuries

Any catastrophic or serious accident that causes an injury to your face or head can result in an eye injury. Eye injuries can happen in any of the following:

No matter where your injury occurred or what the circumstances your accident involved, if someone’s negligence caused your accident injury, we want to help you seek justice and compensation for the damage and injuries you sustained.

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