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Atlanta Dram Shop Liability Lawyers

Holding a drunk driver accountable for his or her actions is important. However, another party may also be responsible: the liquor establishment – bar, restaurant, etc. – that served the drunk driver alcohol.

Drunk driving-related claims against liquor establishments are known as “dram shop liability claims.” These claims are difficult and require the help of an experienced lawyer. The Atlanta dram shop liability attorneys at Law & Moran have a proven record of results in complex motor vehicle injury cases. We also take a special interest in drunk driving accident cases and have worked in cooperation with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to prevent drunk driving.

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When Can You Bring A Dram Shop Liability Claim?

Liquor establishments may be held responsible for drunk driving accidents if they served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person and that person caused an accident. In order to prevail in a dram shop case, you have to prove two things:

  • The driver was visibly intoxicated when he or she left the bar
  • The server knew or should have known that the driver would soon be driving when serving him or her

Only individuals injured by a drunk driver can bring dram shop liability claims. The drunk driver himself/herself cannot sue a Georgia bar if he or she is later injured.

Attorneys at our law firm have obtained numerous million-dollar awards and settlements on behalf of accident victims. In more than 200 cases, we have obtained at least $100,000 on behalf of our clients. The founder of our firm, Pete Law, has been involved in approximately 100 separate million-dollar and multimillion-dollar (seven- and eight-figure results) cases.

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