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Attorney Referrals

Attorney Referrals

The Fulton County Daily Reporter referred to Peter Law as “the million dollar man,” stating that “Law is riding an enviable wave of seven-figure verdicts that attorneys on both sides of the bar have found hard to ignore.” Law & Moran has significant experience working with attorneys in and outside of Georgia on a wide variety of personal injury matters.

Handling Attorney Referrals For Cases In Georgia

Our lawyers regularly work with other attorneys and law firms on a variety of negligence matters. We have a results-oriented approach to handling litigation and have won numerous seven figure verdicts for clients of our associating attorneys.

We pride ourselves on providing better services not only to the client, but to our associating attorneys as well. Working with other attorneys, we are prepared to do all of the work, equal work, or whatever is needed to successfully prepare and complete the case. Moreover, we are able to fully finance any injury case, and our working arrangements are intended to be among the best in the business.

Our attorneys regularly serve as lead counsel for out-of-state law firms that are practicing pro hac vice in Georgia. Our commitment to producing excellent result through extensive trial preparation and detailed trial presentation has garnered numerous verdicts in cases that involved:

Whether we are working with a Georgia attorney or a lawyer out-of-state, we are committed to providing ethical legal representation calculated to achieving quality result for the associated law firm and their clients.