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Premises Liability Case Results in Award to Plaintiff

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Firm News

Law & Moran is proud to share another trial victory on behalf of our client. Our client was awarded a gross verdict of $81,000,000, by a 12-person jury in Dekalb County, with the allocated portion against Kroger being $69,660,000.00.

The Navy veteran was shot during a robbery and carjacking outside a Kroger store, which resulted in significant  injuries and long-term disability. Our team argued that Kroger failed to hire security guards for the parking lot despite knowing this particular Kroger location had been scored “a ten out of ten” for “most foreseeable for crime” by its own managers, giving it one of the highest criminal threats of any store in the district.

The jury award was primarily for pain and suffering, mental suffering, physical injury, and physical impairment for past and future damages.  The case has since been settled, under confidential terms, during the appellate process.